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Technical Debt

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Your newsletter is extremely well written and I just love the content. It’s applicable to so much more than engineering.

It's been such a pleasure reading your newsletters. I feel like it's putting my own growth on autopilot!

Our team loves Luca's newsletter so much we started discussing his new blog every week in our team meeting. There's something to learn every time. The practical ideas, plain speak and amazing infographics make it really useful.

Luca possesses a unique ability to identify and introduce real-life situations. This pleasant weekly reading leaves you with an unstoppable desire to go deeper and deeper on the topics and ultimately become a better engineer leader!

100 hours of research, in 10 minutes.

Every week I read tens of articles and combine them with my own experience to give you only the very best advice, condensed in 1000 words.

Development Process
Setup a productive team. Create processes and make them stick.
Technical Strategy
Choose frameworks, tools, and make great strategic choices.
Team Organization
Setup effective career tracks, functions, and team processes.
Have great 1:1s, coach your people and make them happy.
Hiring & Onboarding
Hire great people fast, and make them actually stay!
Personal Development
Blogging, public speaking, and anything personal.

About me Hey, I am Luca!👋

About 10 years ago I dropped out of my PhD in CS, co-founded a venture-backed startup in Italy, and started guiding engineering teams when I arguably couldn’t guide myself.

I have overseen scaling from zero to tens of millions of customers, enjoyed big wins, catastrophic failures, and everything in between.

I am a voracious reader, but I have always struggled to find high quality, reliable content that really spoke to my work. Something that would coach me into a better engineer, manager, and human being.

This newsletter is my attempt to write the advice I have always wanted to read.

I would love to have you on board ⛵

Luca (@lucaronin)


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